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The interior of the house in Zelenogorsk Jenny Yasnets and Svetlana Dyakova was built on a combination of traditional techniques and modern design, and “decorated” with delicate color strokes, picturesque work and sunlight.

Интерьер дома

The wooden shell of the house predetermined the appearance of the interior and became its integral part. Following modern trends, the area of ​​wooden surfaces was reduced: the ceilings were sheathed, leaving only the beams, and part of the walls were poured with wallpaper, giving each room an individual mood. The walls of glued beams were loomed, preserving their natural texture and creating a fresh neutral background for the interior composition. This dairy shade of walls is included in the exquisite bouquet of pastel colors, supplemented by color accents: blue in the master’s bedroom and bathroom, turquoise in the guest room.

Интерьер дома

In the kitchen and the dining room — yellow, the colors of the sun and flowers. The game of sun bunnies tells the interior even more warmth and comfort. The space filled with light and air at the expense of the “second light” in the sofa zone transfers the joy of a summer day and fascinates a changeable pattern of light and shadow.
The connection of the interior with nature is emphasized not only by natural colors, but also by the drawings of wallpaper and textiles. Delicate plant and calm geometric ornaments in the premises of the first floor and apartments of the owners create a special unhurried summer mood. The furniture in the house is unique: some were created according to the sketches of designers, and for upholstered furniture they chose fabrics of the best European factories, into which the manufacturers on the individual order “put on” ottomans, sofas and armchairs.

Интерьер дома

All interiors at home are distinguished by a calm and elegant design outside of time and space. The references to the Provence and the classics helped to form the appearance of the premises that the customer gravitates to traditional solutions likes. Furniture of classic shapes, phylenes and stucco cornices — these elements of the previous eras complement the traditional principles of organizing space.

Интерьер дома

Modern strokes made by the authors helped to get away from obvious associations with the past. The used accessories are distinguished by an unusual design and beautiful game of metal, glass and mirrors. Pictures of contemporary artists, specially selected for this project, create a special artistic atmosphere and add new colors and meanings to the appearance of the house.

About the authors

Интерьер дома

Designer Jenny Yasnets graduated from LVHPU named after Mukhina. In 2002, together with the architect Svetlana Dyakova, she founded the Art Spice studio, which is still leading. There are more than 50 residential and public facilities in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities in the portfolio of the duet, among them restaurants and bars Le Cristal, Ginza, the Sun, Opera, Sport Life fitness clubs. The combination of traditions and modern techniques, the search for individual solutions for each interior is the creative principle of the design studio Art Spice.


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